Todays outfit

Okay, don't ask why because the answer is really weird. =) I might explain it later =)


Making a birthdaycake

Okay, let's face it. I'm not good at cooking or baking anything so I was really excited when I decided to make the first birthdaycake ever. =)

Well making whipped cream was not that difficult, that I've done before.

I got some help from Catta making the cake, which was good because she knew much more than I did.

In the middle of the cake we put banana, vanillacream and strawberryjam. On the top whipped cream, peaches and chocolate raisins! And check out the decoration, it was amazing =)

Here's the cake in "grattis"- candlelight. (Grattis means congratulations in swedish. I bought the candle-set in Mariehamn at Åland)

Yippiee let's blow out the candles like back in the good old days!

"The first slice for me!"

So that was really fun, and I'm quite proud! Thank you Catta for the helping hand! =)


Room for me?

Does he REALLY think that I should have room on the right side? =) Damn bed-overtaker!


Birthdaygirl in sauna

I got a mudpack for my birthday today and I had lots of fun putting it on. I guess that if I would have had different parents and would have been born in africa I would look something like this. Well except for the white ears of course. :)


Sigur Rós

Tonight Nalle took me to a concert int Kulttuuritalo. It was the icelandic band Sigur Rós and it was quite amazing.

For example he played his guitar like this:

And also the music is something I've never heard before. Even if it's some kind of underground band the tickets was sold out this spring immediately.

This year they released a new album:
Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust.

That was a new experience for me...


Manga me!

This is a manga version of me =) Does it look like ma at all? The piercing looks really weird.

Make you own manga-you at http://www.faceyourmanga.com/homepage.php?lang=eng and post it to your blog =)


Time to do anything else than watch TV?

Well autumn is here soon and the TV channels are stuffed with programmess I wanna watch:

Americas Next Top Model starts tonight.

On mondays I also watch Rock Rivals.

Skins is probably the BEST series on tv right now. It's so weird and funny.

Inno! =) Ideas for our new apartment?

Age of love... a weird reality tv series, so weird that I just wanna know how it ends =)

House is always okay, even if every episode is alike.

Cold Feet is wonderful!!! The last episodes will be shown this week =( And I allready know how it ends, blah!

Temptation Island is a sick and evil reality show... but I can't help it, I just have to watch it! =) Oh byt the way, I used this exact same pic in my final thesis about reality tv =)

I almost cannot watch Survivor anymore... I've seen too many seasons. But oh well, if there's nothing better to do I can watch it. It airs on saturday night so usually we record it and watch it later.

Later in the autumn the new finnish reality tv series Sairaalan syke will start.

The third season of the finnish Big brother starts next week. It airs every freaking evening... wonder when I will get my life back again? Probably in december when it ends. Hih.

So what are YOU going to watch on TV this autumn?



I found this old crazy pic today and started laughing. I just had to post it here =) Looks like I at least TRY to be normal, but with 3jorn it's sometimes impossible. =)


Cruising with my darling!

Today and tomorrow I will cruise around with Mom's car, Tötterö. I love it I love it I love it! =)

Sofa arrives...

...in a big truck! O-ou!


About our apartment

So I decided to write something about our new appartment. In the bedroom and our "office" we will make one wall like this:

The color is found in one of Tikkurila's color-maps.

This one:So, one wall is purple (4608) done with the technique above. The rest of the walls are like cream white (4607). The blue shades we will use in curtains, bedlinen or carpets (we don't know yet).

The bedroom is allready painted, now we are working on the "office".



My house.
My photowall.

My winecellar.

My bathroom.

My view

My bedroom

My bedroom again

My lamp

My bedroomwall

My jacuzzi

My bathtube

My pool

It was amazing on Asuntomessut, such cool and beautiful houses.



After walking several hours at Asuntomessut in a rainy weather we had to go into Wayne's and order huge coffees.



I think we are crazy sometimes... a Batman-pool, a big fish and sauna-hats.... weird people! But anyway, greetings from Petalax! =)


New shoes

I found these wonderful shoes on sale today. I LOVE THEM!