Well thank god it's the left hand and I'm righthanded. :-S Just took the first pill. Hopefully the pills will also help me with the long lasting headache.



Well, people asks about our housewarming and what we would need for our apartment. So here are a couple things...Iittala Essence redwine- and champagneglasses

"Hukka-saunathing thing that spits water"


Emendo sauna laudeliina (the long one) and pillow (black-turqoise, Anttila etc.)

Furniture still missing from our apartment...

Our apartment starts to look like a home... but there are still some things missing:

Chairs to the office.

Chairs and table to the balcony (maybe next spring?)

Malm chest to the hall.

Malm bed with matress.

Well maybe some day.... =)


Pink leggings

Yesterday i read in my dear friend Catariinas blog that she had a weird feeling in her new pink leggings. I just had to write a comment about this because the day before I had almost the same color on my leggings.

Well yesterday evening we celebrated some birthdays, and I decided to dress in my leggings, the pink ones. On the way to the city centre I had to send her a MMS with my leggings:

"These are the color of the leggings I told you about."

Soon I got back an MMS from Catariina:

"Well, they look quite same as mine! :)"

That was quite funny. Good that we were in different cities and different bars that night =)

A big hug to Catariina in Vaasa!


New tables

Finally we have our new computer tables! Yippiee!!



We allready got our housewarming - engagement present from my grandparents... They had bought a huge amount of Teema - stuff.

Now we have quite a lot of the white Teema set.
10 big plates
5 smaller plates
6 even smaller plates
12 small bowls
2 soup bowls
8 small cups with small plates
6 large cups
1 tarjoilulautanen (whatever it is in english, hih)

... and of course 16 Moomin cups =)

So soon we can have a huge dinner, and everyone gets to eat from the Teema plates.



Thank you Catta & Stefan for this wonderful necklace and earrings!

Thank you Catzo for the Sniff-cup! =)

Bright light!

It has been raining for several days. But today the sun is shining! And it's sooo bright that my eyes hurt. But I LOVE it!


A new hobby

I want to start a new hobby, so I bought this book today... now I just need pearls and stuff =)

These boots are made for walking

Finally found some autumn shoes! =)



And that's why he proposed to med there =)
(From the swedish Glamour magazine)



Todays outfit was quite black and white and with black legwarmers! =)


Engagement present from Radio X3M

Today we got a package by mail. It was an engagement present from Radio X3M. It was on Radio X3Ms internet community that I met Nalle, so it was REALLY nice of them to remember our engagement.

In the package there was some Body Shop products (massage oil, bath cream, soap and so on).



The explination

Well... the explination for the outfit yesterday. Nalles sister (who lives in Scottland) had her birthday today, so we decided to do something for her that can be sent by email. And here is the thing we did.

A GRATTIS-text with human letters. =) (Grattis ment congratulations if you didn't remember it from my previous cake-post) I especially love the A-letter. Och and the thiny I-letter too!

(In the pic Jani (Nalles brother), Laura (Janis girlfriend), Nina (Nalles older brothers wife), Emilia (Ninas & Toffes daughter, Nalle and I.