"Hellooo! I look like a dumbass!"

Well he doesn't look that smart either!

Well thank God there is an explanation for everything!

We were watching a 3D movie in Flamingo last weekend. It was lots of fun! Especially when Nalle (my boyfriend) got so scared that he screamed... and he was the only one who did it in that moment! Hahahaaa! The 3D glasses were quite uncomfortable, but who cares, if you wanna look stylish you have to pay a price for that! =)


When I was really little... maybe under 5 years old, that window in the middle was our kitchen window. What a nostalgic walk...


SingStar news!

WONDERFUL NEWS! The Abba SingStar will be released soon! Damn, I've been waiting for this. After I saw Mamma Mia, I've been wishing for a SingStar game with Abba music... and now all my wishes will come true =)

Yesterday I found a new game in Stockmann, Boybands vs. Girlsbands. And of course I had to buy it! =D

I also noticed there is a Disney SingStar on the way (in english and swedish). =)

Saturday breakfast

Wonderful saturday morning. Eating breakfast in the sun =). Check out the vitamines I'm eating. I feel like I might get the flu, so I try to eat a lot of c-vitamines to prevent that =)


My first Buzzador-package

Last week I received my first Buzzador-package. Fanta B'good, yummy! I've allready had some people tasting it but I still need a few more.

Buzzador homepage


The new coffeemaker!

Well I think there is quite a big difference between the old and the new coffee maker =D. I really liked the old one even if it was slow. It made good tasting coffee. But the new one is just fancy. So I love it too =D

R.I.P old coffeemaker!


Engagement & Housewarmingparty

Last weekend we invited our relatives and friends over for at engagement & housewarming party in our new apartment. The day was really wonderful, and a lot of people came to congratulate us. We got so incredibly nice presents! I wanted to make a post of them.

A lot of cards...

Some kitchen knives...

A really beautiful bottle =)...

A supernice vacuum cleaner... Because the old old old one we had made some scratches on the parquet floor.

A wellness bag with candles, a pillow, aromateraphy showergel and massage oil etc.


A pack with a shower-radio, problem solving and luck...

A lot of Iiittala Essence glasses. 12 for champagne and 8 for red wine =)

The fancy coffeemaker we really wanted...

A popcorn-machine!...


We also got some bedlinen, more towels, wine and money to go to Korkeasaari Zoo to watch some squirrels.

Thank you so much guys for everything!


Yesterday Catriona and I celebrated friday by eating some salad and drinking a can of strawberry margarita. It was YUMMY!

Yesterday I also dressed in pink because of the Rosa Bandet-campaign.



I really hate the autumn. The summer is over and it gets dark and cold. Now I'm on my way to work and I took this pic on the way to the buss. It was acctually really beautiful. So I changed my mind, I hate autumn AFTER the colorfull leaves are gone. :-)


Babies in Helsinki

I read an article in Hufvudstadsbladet last week about babies born in Helsinki during year 2007. In Pukinmäki only 94 babies were born! I think we have to do something about it! =) In Vuosaari over 450 babies were born... a little difference! =) But oh well, Pukinmäki is a quite small place compared to the other suburbs, so maybe that's the explination.