Snowy Helsinki

Last weekend it started snowing here in Helsinki. I thought it will snow a little bit, then the snow will disappear as usual. But oh no... this snow seems to last at least a few days. Whole Helsinki was in a chaos on monday morning.

On sunday we decided to drive to Leppävaara and Pitäjänmäki, and this was only the beginning.

In the evening when we drove home it was almost impossible to drive... On Kehä 1 we drove 40 km/h when it's usually 80 km/h.

I was this happy about the snow!


On sunday evening we couldn't see out from the kitchen window.

And our balcony looked like this.

I just LOOOOVE the snow. Tonight I took a walk and just watched it... the trees are so beautiful and everything's a bit brighter.


I had a really relaxing evening a few days ago when I was home alone.

It started with some Abba SingStar.

Then continued in the sauna with a lot of mint-scent and some treatments.

After the sauna i just relaxed in the sofa reading Glamour, drinking wine, eating dark maya chocolate and icecream.

After this I watched a really girly movie. It was wonderful! =)



New jacket from H&M.

I was shopping yesterday and now I'm prepared for the snow and the cold. We had the first snow in Helsinki today... but I guess it disappeared all ready.



All the people who knows Nalle and me well... knows that we are not fans of cooking. It might be because we are lazy, or that we had a really small kitchen earlier. Well now we have a bigger kitchen (and a dishwasher!) but we still are lazy. Nalle always complains that we make the same food all the time, so he decided to buy us a cookbook. Last saturday we made the first dish from the book, Chicken ála Lucca (Lucca is a small town in Tuscany that we visited on our stay in Italy)

The book: 100% easlymade food

Chicken, mushrooms and bacon

Spinach and feta

Add some tomatoes.

Mix everything.

Add some pasta.

We actually needed 2 fryingpanns and one saucepan to do this dish. And I have NEVER had spinach in my freezer before.

*proud* =)


Today it was the swedish day in Finland. And I was on TV. It was a weird finnish guy who tried to be a swedish-speaking Finn. =)




We spent our Halloween in Vaasa. It's starting to be a tradition to drive all the way to Pohjanmaa on Halloween, last year we spent it in Petalax.

Halloween oranges =)

Halloween muffin!

Nalle and I (yes Nalle's outfit is weird!)

Catzo and I

Catzo in a helmet

Don't ask me why they are blowing in the vacuum cleaner-thingies...

Except for the halloween-celebrations we also had some time to:

Start the glögg-season on 1st of november (now it's legal!)

Get touristic... This is the Vaasa city square... there are no other people! Weird town! =)

And we also experienced the first snow on the way to Vaasa.