Christmas 2008

It's finally time for a christmas-post. This christmas was special because I spent it with Nalles family. It was the first time I was away from my family at christmas. However we started by visiting my dad.

We ate some riceporrige and drank glögg.

After that we drove to Itäsalmi, Sipoo and went to christmas church with Nalles family and relatives.

It was really a long time ago I last attended christmaschurch in swedish.

After the church we drove to Nalles childhoodhome. The whole family was represented, even the ones that live in Scotland. This is Emma performing as Lucia.

Then it was time for christmas dinner with 13 people. Yummy yummy!

Santa (a weird one, hihiii) came by.

Then it was time for some presents.

On christmasday we went for a long walk with Nalle. I borrowed clothes from his Mom, but the Crocs boots is mine =)

Nalle and I slept in the beachcottage. It was cosy but a little cold. On 26th we drove to my grandparents to have som dinner. Then the christmas was over.

I got so nice presents and I'm really thankful! But more about them later on =)

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