So this is christmas...

Okay, the christmas is finally here. I hope I can calm down soon ,because it's been a hell of a time lately...

We got many wonderful christmascards from lovely people! thank you!

One evening Nalle came home with a "Joulutähti"-flower. Don't know the name in english, but you can find one of these in almost every Finnish home at christmas. Well if your not allergic to them which is quite common I guess.

In the kitchen window we have some stars.

And this is the first time we have our own christmastree. It's a little weirdlooking, but what the hell, we use it only a few days a year. Nalle came home with this tree for me, and he chose gold and red decorations. Good taste! =)

A red ball.

We have been wrapping in about 20 christmaspresents, but now everything is under control I guess.

Tomorrow we will wake up, drink some glögg and go to the sauna. Pack the rest of the stuff and go to my Dads place for a while. After that we will drive to Sipoo / Itäsalmi to the christmas church with Nalles family. It's the same church where our wedding will be next year so I'm quite exited. Then we'll drive to Nalles parents place where the whole family of 13 people will come togheter for a christmas dinner. After the dinner we will open the presents and after that I guess we won't anything else but chill. We will sleep in the beachcottage for two nights.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody!!!

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