Bright light!

It is always really amazing to see the sun here in the north during the winter.


Icehockey and travelfair

This was a nice weekend. We tried to take it quite easy and rest because there will be some partying next weekend. We are so old now days that we have start preparing for the party-weekends a week before =) Well maybe we'll have some more energy when it gets lighter.

On saturday I decided to suprise Nalle. I told him that we are leaving soon but I didn't tell where we were going. So we got in to the car and at the parkinglot her realized we were going to see a HIFK ishockeygame. =)

It was fun, reminded me of the good old days. And I acctually saw one friend that I got to know during mu Hartwall Areena time in 1999. Weird. We sat next to some Saipa-fans so it was fun when HIFK won =)

Today we went to the travelfair. We got free tickets from Mom and Kari, we met up with them and drank some coffee. Otherwise we walked around and checked some travelagencies stands and were planning THE future trip. In the picture you can see our sofa and all the broschyres we took with us. Oh, and as the old caravan-girl I am we just had to check out the beautiful shiny caravans in the second floor. I found one small Hobby that I liked, just enough for us two. Well, maybe some day =) Nalle is not that convinced about the idea yet.



Sorry this one is in swedish.

Jag blev utmanad av Ideala Catariina.

4 favoritprogram på TV
Desperate Housewives
Lipstick Jungle (har nog sett bara ett avsnitt)
Meidän häät (börjar imoron =P)
Melodifestivalen (jess snart börjar det!)

4 saker jag gjorde igår
Var på jobb
Stickade på 3jorns svarta socka (snart är första färdig)
Tittade på Lipstick Jungle
Förundrade mig över 3jorn

4 saker jag ser framemot
Att det blir vår och ljust och varmt
09.09.09 och 12.09.09
En till hemlig sak

4 av mina favoritrestauranger
Sushi Nara i Köln
Cantina West

4 saker på min önskelista
Att jag ska börja må bättre och sakerna som måste hända ska hända för att jag ska kunna göra det.
Att jag skulle vinna på Lotto och kunna betala bort bostaden.
Att jag ska kunna vara tillfredställd med mitt liv och mig själv.
Att äntligen få se 3jorns hoods i New York.
+ en överlopps: Att alla mina närmaste vänner skulle bo i samma stad som jag.

Jag utmanar:
Multiculturella Catarina


The Fall

Usually I don't post about movies, but this time I have to. I have seen many quite okay movies lately, but it's a long time since I saw something really fascinating. But now it happened. We saw the movie The Fall by Spike Junze. It was really really weird, really really beautiful and really really smart. The little girl, Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) was really amazing. She was so unbelievable cute and good at acting. The two stories somehow came together as one, and if you were observant you noticed many little tings.

I really recommend you to see this movie! The homepage you can find at http://www.thefallthemovie.com/

Check the trailer:


Crab dinner

Today we went to the wedding fair in Wanha Satama. It was really cool and we got ideas from there. Nalle now knows what he wants to wear =) After the fair Nalle took me to LaBodega for dinner. I think it's a spanish restaurant (correct me if I'm wrong Stefan!). We started with some small tapas-meals.

Nalle ordered some really weird food as usual, with crabs and stuff. Yäkky! But look at his happy face.

"Hmmm... wonder if I'm supposed to eat this?"

It took a long time for him to finish the food.

My food looked like this. It was quite yummy but I wouldn't necessary mix bacon with seafood. THANK YOU HONEY for the dinner!

When we walked back to the car we noticed that they had some kind of lightshow with music by the church at Senatesquare. It was quite beautiful. But look at this picture, the light in the sky reminds of the Batman-light =) But now with a cross, scary! =)

Well now we will go to our sunday-sauna and then watch Morsian (a finnish TV-series) and eat dessert ice-cream.


Sale shopping again

Today we didn't have that much plans, so I decided to check the sales in Itäkeskus one last time. And I'm so happy I did it! I found all this for only 50 euro.

I had been thinking that I would like to have a colorful spring-jacket. I found this turqoise jacket from H&M and I fell in love with it. (Sorry the mirror is quite dusty, hih!)

PINK SHOES!!! I have been longing for pink shoes for about one year... I have actually tried these ones on in the autumn, but I didn't buy them. That's cool because now they were 30 euros cheaper.

I also found these wonderful shoes from Spirit Store... You can never guess what they cost... The normal price was 69 euro, now ONLY 11,50 euro. Crazy!!!


Snowboarding was fun!

We are still alive. It was fun so ride the snowboard, almost 2 years ago since the last time. The queues were REALLY long since it was a public holiday in Finland today. So I think we spent more time in the queue than on the snowboard, but it was the first time so it's quite okay.


Yippieee tomorrow we will finally go snowboarding! My last time was two winters ago. In spring 2007 i bought new boots but I haven't used them at all yet. But they are delicious! I hope they are good too.

I also finally bought snowboardglasses a few days ago. I think I look like The Stig from Top Gear with them on! =)

Well wish us luck! Hope the sun will shine and the weather could be a little warmer than these past days.


Text on the wall

I don't know if you remember my post about the Asuntomessut last august. Well anyway I saw this wonderful text on the wall in one of the houses...

I just totally fell in love with it... Now I accidentally found Vimsadecor from a weddingmagazine.
Look at the pictures... Aren't they wonderful?

I would really like one of these. Now we should come up with a nice text that is a joy for the eyes for many years =) Ideas anyone?

New Years Eve

We decided to spend the new years eve at home with Catta and Stefan.

First we had some dinner, texmex-chicken, that was really yummy.

We drank some snaps and that's why we had to sing a little.

Catta and I continued the singing with Singstar...

... while the guys continued the singing by going to the sauna and drinking beer.

Catta got some weird chinese stuff that Stefan and Nalle tasted... Nalle almost threw up =)

We were supposed to take a group picture... but I don't know why the guys are lying on the floor. Watch out for the fireworks!

So finally we managed to take a group picture.

Then we went out to shoot some fireworks...

... and to drink some bubblish wine.

Nalle wanted to show of a little.

Happy new year honey!

When we had celebrated the new year coming in Finland, we also had to celebrate it coming to Spain at 1 o'clock. In spain they eat 12 grapes when the clock hits 00 and the year changes. It was quite funny to stuff all the grapes in the mouth at the same time.

Catta and Stefan remembered that they had some weird hats with them. Here is Lion-Stefan and Squirrel-Catta.

And the Panda-me and Elephant-Nalle (wonder why he chose that one? Hihiii) =)

Then we made some "uuden vuoden tinoja", don't know what the hell that's in English ...

After this Catta took a little nap...

And the boys found the dancinggame =)

I think I passed out a while after laughing at the guys dancing. It was a good new years eve =) Thank you guys!



So finally a posting about the christmaspresents...

Nalle managed to buy this Rosebud salve that I have been longing for.

Nalles parents got me this cute teddybear (nalle) that you can have out on the bacony or in the garden.

The dance-game from Nalle =)

A new flat stereo from Nalle. Now I can listen to radio with a good soundquality and I can even connect my iPod to it. And it's FLAT! =)

Aarikka stuff from Karis parents.

Choclate in a heartshaped box from Nalle.

An unbeliavably beautiful bracelet from Nalles brothers family.

A pyjamas, clinique stuff, a book, more choclate and stuff.

From Catzo we got really cute kitchen stuff, from my brother a mixer, from Mum a heart shaped pot, a Moomin cup from Maggan, tablelinen from Seija, knives and a christally thingy from my grandparents.

The little vacumcleaner from dad, a nailthingy from my brother, saunabriha from Nalles sisters family and ofcourse the dancing game.

As a little late christmaspresent we also got a REALLY nice blender from Catta and Stefan, now we can make smoothies all day long. And chocolote from Nanne and a wellness - packade from Laura.

And most of all... I got a wedding dress from my Mom.

So it was a really great christmas! Thank you all for the beautiful presents!