Sweet little doggy

On Monday we met a really cute and funny dog. Nalle is totally a dog lover and played with the dog almost the whole time we were visiting T&K. I also think that dogs are mostly cute, but I'm afraid of them. This little creature sniffed at me and were curious, but I was afraid of it's sniffing. I'm also afraid of barking and jumping.

I would also love to have a dog if I wouldn't have to take the dog out for a walk every morning before work. We couldn't do it because we are really morning-sleepy.

Dogs are also really soft... I would like to hug a dog... if I wouldn't be allergic =)


Fastlags söndag

In Finland we have this "Fastlags söndag" when you are supposed to go sledge riding, eat "fastlagsbulle" and peasoup. So we decided to go to Paloheinä and do some sledgeriding, and it wa fun like hell =)

Laura and Jani are thinking if they dare to ride.

Catta and I

Stefan, me and Nalle rode togheter, Catta was already down the hill with her plastic bag.

Stefan, Nalle, me and Catta doing the train. (We weren't that good at it) (Oh by the way, this is Lauras pic but I borrowed it, hih!)

And then some fastlagsbulla! =) Yummy!

Iceskating in Sipoo

Yippieee look at my piruettes! =) Especially the last one =)

Nalle also knows how to do it on the ice...

... but he gets tired quite fast =)

That was fun!


Bride wars

Today Catta and I went to the movies to see a really girly movie: Bride Wars. It was quite funny, but honestly I got a bit stressed out... So much to do still before the big day.

It got quite brutal at moments...

... as you can see.



Walking on the ice

Today it was a wonderful sunny day, so we took the car to Ribbingö to see Nalle's parents.



Someone skied here.

Bright light!



Father and son

It was wonderful! Next time I will have my ice-skates with me! =D



Yesterday I got a padded envelope from Borås, Sweden. I ordered a Björn-Camilla necklace from Linda. I just love it! It arrived just in time for valentines day, so now I can have this cutie around my neck the whole day.

Now we will check if we'll find a restaurant that would have room for us, if not we will make our own sushi at home =)



Google reader

Catariina made a post about her Google reader, so I decided to do one too about mine. I have too many blogs there, and I don't have the time to read them, usually I read the most important ones first, and the rest later when I have time... The important blogs are my friends blogs and the weddingblogs =) I have some fashion-blogs, interior design-blogs and jewelery-blogs in my Reader.

If I wouldn't have the reader I wouldn't remember to check any blogs, so I think it's wonderful that Google has it =)

Do YOU use Google Reader?



Today I had a haircut. It feels so short now =) But it looks healthier now. It also smells good. Thank you Maria!


Kielletty Hedelmä

Tänään oltiin Dome Karukosken Kielletty Hedelmä kutsuvierasnäytöksessä. Kannatta nähdä leffa, oli kyllä ajatuksia herättävä. Dome myös itse ilmaantui paikalle leffan jälkeen kertomaan fiilareista. Mahtavaa! Ensi-ilta 13.2!

Sorry, I'm too exhausted to write in english... but in short: We saw the Finnish movie, Kielletty Hedelmä today.


My GuitarHero!

Last weekend I decided to take some pictures of my lovely fiancé. He is so hot! =)



Thanks to Catzo and the kitchentowel I got for christmas, I realized that we need some bright turqoise curtains to the kitchen. Last weekend we finally found some fabric that was the right color and I borrowed my Mom's sewing machine. I warned Nalle that I usually get REALLY pissed off using a sewing machine because there is always something that goes wrong. But I acctually managed to sew the curtain =P. Okay it wasn't really difficult at all, but anyways! =)

So we just lived 5 months in this apartment before we got some kitchen curtains, but hey, better late than never!

Oh I almost forgot! We also finally managed to install the new kitchen lamp!



Today we did something fun and different. After Nalles parents had visited us, we took our band new "pulkka" and drove to Paloheinä to ride it. I spent many days in Paloheinä when I was small, riding my cool Stiga. I just remembered that the hill was huuuuge, but today I thought it just had to do with the fact that I was small back then =). I was wrong. It was still HUGE! And I was afraid. I wasn't that afraid of the speed, but the bumps hit my bum really hard. But oh well it was fun and we had some fresh air. I wanna do it again! =)


On friday we bought many magazines. Was chilly to just lie in the sofa and read. Nalle was really excited about his Digital SLR magazine because there was an article about portraits and nude-photography =). I haven't had time to read Glamour yet... maybe some evening next week.