On this weekend both our brothers had their birthday celebrations. One turned 30 and the other 13.

As you can see it snowed again! Will the snow NEVER disapear?


On saturday evening we drove to Sipoo to see Burning Furniture. It was fun!



I saw these wonderful shoes at Sokos. Whyyy don't we have a pink colortheme on our wedding?! :)


Catzo's lasagne-lesson

One sunday my friend Catzo learned how to make lasagne.

First you should check that you have everything you need.

Okay now we are ready to start!

Let's fry the minced meat!

Take a spateli!

Spice up the meat

Put minced meat and cheese in the form.

Put some pasta in the form.

Put form in the oven.

Take out from the oven when lasagne is ready.

*Helppo nakki* *Lätt som en plätt* *Easybiisi*

(a few pics borrowed from Catzo)


Sleeping in my car

Only 200km left.

On the road again.


Finally in bed after a visit at Ollies. It was really fun,wish I wouldnt have to drive tomorrow.



Now fajitas and balloons!


Drinking coffee in Vaasa. Next visiting mums,meeting friends and shopping. Wonder how the guys will manage?


Yippie finally here! Martin is making the rubrikcube. Amazing!


Big Brother

Oh well soon it starts again. Well in half a year, but anyway... Big Brother. I don't wanna get hooked again!

Today they had a Big Brother casting at Arcada. It was fun to watch all the weird people. =)


Sweden and Finland in Eurovision 2009

The swedish contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in Moskva 2009: Malena Ernman - La Voix.

My personal favourite came second in the end, Caroline af Ugglas and Snälla snälla is a sympathetic performance.

And if someone happened to forget who is representing Finland in Eurovision 2009, Waldos People:



Yoga & Melodifestival

Last weekend was all about party and hangover (I will post pics later about that). This weekend will be all about:

Ashtanga Yoga course for 3 days...

... and Melodifestival the final! YIPPIEEE!

(Pictures from here and here)