Today we took our first trip with our bicycles. It was really fun, and we drove about 10 km. Now the sauna is warming up so we can relax there for a while.

The start of the BBQ season

Today was one of the first warm days in Helsinki. It was sunny and wonderful. We got invited to Laajasalo to eat some BBQ food. And it was so YUMMY! =) Thank you N & T! Oh and I got to hold a 2 weeks old baby. He just slept in my arms. Cute!

My easter egg

I know the easter is gone, but I still have to post a picture of the easter egg I got from Mom. It's from Sweden. Why don't we have this kind of yummy eggs here in Finland?


Meeting up with Laura

Today I met Laura for some dinner. It was really fun to sit and talk for hours. And the food at Colorado was yummy.


Our sunday

A little hangoverish we drove to Sipoo on sunday to change tyres... It wasn't really that easy... The tyres needed some violence to come off but we managed to get them all changed at last.

After all the tyres was changed we drove to a carwash. Catzo had some snacks that she could entertain herself with.

(I borrowed all pictures from Catzo because I havent managed to get my own from the camera to my computer, there is something wrong...)


This is just amazing!

This is so freaking cool! I would like to do that! Or even see it in real life. These videos made me smile.


Jewellery made by me

I'm really sorry for posting this much during one evening. I haven't had time to post anything for over a week so now I have a lot to tell you =)

Last week I was on a jewellery course. It was really fun and intresting and I would really like to start practicing more and maybe some day be a fine jewellery-maker =)

Well this time I was a first timer... I have never done jewellery before. So here is what I made:

A necklace and earrings.

The necklace already broke so I'm a little sad about it, but it should be easy to fix if you have the right equipment.

Special easter

This easter was special in many ways. We had a wonderful time in Stockholm but we also...

...ate some beautiful easter eggs.

(Laura painted them)

...had a nice dinner in Sipoo.

But the most special thing was this little easter babyboy! So tiny and so beautiful.

Aww... what a cute sight!

From Stockholm

Here are some of the things we took home with us from Stockholm.

Fishbone jacket from New Yorker.

Shoooes! From left Nalles shoes from Din Sko and Skopunkten. On the right my shoes from Skopunkten.

A Breadbascet to match our kitchen from Lagerhaus.

A messageboard from Granit.

Weekday magnets from Granit.

Wonderful pink nailpolish from Åhlens.

And lots of WONDERFUL underwear from New Yorker.

Our days in Stockholm

Stockholm was wonderful wonderful!


Sthlm here we come!

Tomorrow we are flying to Stockholm in the morning. I just made our check in at internet. This new technology is so cool! =)

We live in a hotel at Drottningsgatan. Our plans is to shop, eat sushi, eat varm korv, eat at the jungle-restaurant, shop some more, go to the movies, walk at Söder and go to a schlager-bar =)

I was to visit at least New Yorker, Monki, Granit and Designtorget. These clothes are from Monki and I could buy them all:

I will also take som filmjölk home with me! Yummy!



Baby-Pink bike

I found a woooonderful bike today!

Look how cool I would be cruising around with it! With my pink shoes!



Nalle is weddingplanning in Excel.

The ice

Soon there will be no ice outside Kaivopuisto anymore. Spring is finally here! Now we will go to Café Carousel to enjoy the Friday.

The new 3

Now I've tested the new tram-line. Exiting! Right now I'm in Kamppi waiting for C and to get the day started. Have a nice friday folks!


Hullut päivät

Today we went to check out Hullut päivät. We always buy the Suukkoja-candy from there. Yummy!!