Sthlm here we come!

Tomorrow we are flying to Stockholm in the morning. I just made our check in at internet. This new technology is so cool! =)

We live in a hotel at Drottningsgatan. Our plans is to shop, eat sushi, eat varm korv, eat at the jungle-restaurant, shop some more, go to the movies, walk at Söder and go to a schlager-bar =)

I was to visit at least New Yorker, Monki, Granit and Designtorget. These clothes are from Monki and I could buy them all:

I will also take som filmjölk home with me! Yummy!


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  1. Ha den bästa resan, så avis! Ska absolut iaf på kryssning nu under våren, måste få shoppa i Stockis :)) krams o glad påsk!

  2. hurraaa, stockholm! nu e ni säkert hemma ren, det är i alla fall jag. hemma i stockholm, that is. hoppas ni hade skoj här!! :)


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