Wow let's drink sangria! Only 10 euros for a jug. Yippiee!


Fun weekend

Best picture from last weekend, guys BBQing mushrooms:
We roadtripped to Liljendal and it was loads of fun. Here's a few videos when the guys are trying to move a reeeeally heavy oven, it was fun to watch. The oven needed to be moved because of the new floor that is going to be installed.

The guys were carrying the oven in different directions.

But finally they got it out from the room.

The weekend was wonderful. Wish it would be Friday again tomorrow, hih! I'm a bit sleepy even if I've been on vacation for 4 days. ZzZ.




Greetings from weckmans bbq-party! The food was yummy and in a few hours the Eurovision final will start,yee!


Finland-Sweden in humor

Humorlandskampen was really funny this year. Well maybe it's funny every year, but anyways, I laughed a lot. Sweden won, but they deserved it.

My Mother

My Mom is one of the most important people in the world, and she deserves her own day; the Mothers Day.
Hyvää äitienpäivää Mamma! Olet rakas!

I didnt want to hear it then but
Im not ashamed to say it now,
Every little thing you said and did was right for me,
I had a lot of time to think about,
About the way I used to be,
Never had a sense of my responsibility.

Back then I didnt know why,
Why you were misunderstood,
So now I see through your eyes,
All that you did was love,
Mama I love you, mama I care,
Mama I love you, mama my friend, my friend

But now Im sure I know why,
Why you were misunderstood,
So now I see through your eyes,
All I can give you is love,
Mama I love you, mama I care,
Mama I love you, mama my friend,
My friend

Spice Girls - Mama

(picture from the pro.corbis.com)


The travel challenge

I got a challenge from Char to do a posting of 5 places where I want to travel. There is really so many places I want to see, but I guess these are the top 5 at the moment.

1. Thailand
Our honeymoon will probably be in Thailand, hopefully on some calm place with beautiful beaches.

2.New York
Ever since I got to know Nalle I have wanted to visit New York because he spent a long time living there during his internship. We are going to start saving for this trip after our wedding and honeymoon.

3. LA
I want to go to California. I want to see Hollywood, the Sunset Boulevard, Walk of Fame, the Baywatch beach etc. =) Well maybe sometime in the future!

4. Australia
Australia seems to be a really interesting place. I have a lot of friends and some relatives who have been there and they seemed to like Australia a lot.

5. London
London is quite near but still I've never been there.


Bagel and icecream

Today I met Catta after work. First we ate bagels at Wayne's and after that we went to the Esplanadi park to eat some icecream. The icecream was yummy but really chilly. The summer still feels far away.

But anyways, it was once again wonderful to speng some girlicious time.


Melon & Prosciutto

When I came home in the evening this delicious thing was waiting for me. It really reminded me of our Italy trip last summer and the wonderful thing that happened there. =)


Some new things in the apartment

Now we finally have a table and chairs on our balcony. Now we just have to wait for the real summer. Suddenly we have one small room more in our apartment.

This is Sunday morning, Nalle sitting on his "smoking-chair" surfing.

Blue and turqoise! Love it!

We also finally bought the picture that Nalle wants to have in the living room. Now we just have to make a hole in the wall and get it up. Maybe it will take half a year more.

There is still a lot to do in the apartment. Wonder if everything will ever be ready and done?


Wappu 2009

This wappu was really really funny! And the sun was shining all the time, what would be better than that?

We started of by going to check out the Blötpicnic where we met a lot of people! After Blötpicnic we continued to Havis Amanda where we hanged for an hour or so... After Havis we took the train to our place, ate some yummy dinner (thank you Catzo!), drank snaps and skumppa and ended up with SingStar.

The following day we packed our picnic-stuff and went to Kajsaniemi. There was a lot of lovely people and I got a balloon.

From Kajsaniemi we went to Cattas and Stefans place. We chilled at the balcony playing drinking games and enjoying the sun. There was some more crowd coming in all the time so when it was time to go into the sauna it was tight but fun.

Thank you all for the wonderful wappu! Im still smiling.

Pink & Black

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Pink and black are wonderful together! =)

Wappu is gone

Damn it was a funny wappu! =) The picture says it all! But more about it later. Now I'm meeting up with Catzo before she leaves back to Vaasa.


Happy Wappu!

Greetings from a sunny balcony!