Porvoo archipelago

The archipelago in Finland is so incredibly beautiful! These pictures are taken outside Pellinge on a little island, except for the last picture that is taking just before we arrived to Pellinge.


Greetings from the boat

Right now we are in the Porvoo Archipelago going to Pellinge and then home. What a wonderful and beautiful day! <3



Tomorrow it's one year since the wonderful day in Florence where Nalle proposed to me.

(The restaurant where it happened)

Wow, a year flies by really fast! But it has been wonderful to spend this year with Nalle.


Yippiee now it finally gets warm enough for all the summer shoes.

Outdoor drinking

We found the best terrace ever near to our home. With a swimmingpool and minigolf :-) The sun is shining and life is wonderful.


My way of taking the victory in "Keppikännit"

Ooookay finally my turn!

10 circles around the stick... with hair all around.

Try to do something to your hair to keep it out of the way.

Forget the forehead, just go around the stick.

Run to your drink!

Drink faster than your opponent.

If he drinks faster, do something to make him laugh so that his beer comes out from his nose.

Distract your opponent so he has to turn away.

Do absolutely not laugh when he is having a hard time, just drink.

Remember to keep an eye on him so you know how much beer he has left.

When you finish your drink run over the finish-line...

And be proud of the fair game! =)


Greetings from Sibbo!


Today I feel good!

The rain finally stopped. Soon the Amazing Ribbingö can start!

A rainy midsummer?

Right now we are sitting in the beach cottage waiting for the clouds to go by and the gang to arrive. Hopefully the weather will be okay later today.

Wine and beer

In the night we sat on the jetty enjoying the sounds of the nature.




A man and a small baby, that's always beautiful to look at.


Ice Age 3

Just listen to the sound :) Brings a smile at my lips everytime.

Spooky movie

We just saw a really freaky movie. Coraline in 3 D. The work was amazing but how can anybody come up with a story like that? I was looking forward to see a animated children's movie and I was going to laugh a lot. But oh well, I was REALLY scared... The movie should be R 25 or something.

By the way, the homepage is amazing, check it out:



Today we took a little bicycle trip to the outdoor gym. Nalle worked out and I went jogging. The weather was a bit chilly but still quite okay. Soon the sauna is warm!