Visitors at the cottage

Yesterday Catta and Stefan visited us at the beachcottage. They stayed overnight and Catta went to work in the morning. It was a fun evening with photograping, chilling, drinking beer, BBQing, swimming and going to sauna. Thank you guys!


Greeting from the beachcottage

Now the week at the beachcottage finally starts. Today I finally bought the mini-laptop I've been talking about for a year. A Compaq Mini 110. It's black and beautiful! I just tested the webcam. As you can see the quality is not that good, but it doesn't matter. This is just a travel-machine. At home I have my wonderful iMac that is just perfect. But now I'm generation mobile! Hihii.


On the boat again

Now we are travelling back to finland. Enjoying the sun, a cider and a gossip magazine. I slept maybe 1 hour in the car last night so I'm quite exhausted.


Ledin in Linköping

Tomas Ledin was wonderful as usual! Tonight we'll drive to Stockholm.



Nalle is sitting outside his school Hyper Island. It has been a REALLY warm day.



A paradise

Right now we are in Stenshuvud Nationalpark. The view could be from Thailand.

Greetings from Sandhammaren

This is wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!

Greetings from our tent

Nalle fell asleep right away. Now we are in beautiful Simrishamn. Our tent is 200 meters from the ocean. Good night!


My old hoods

Högskolan i Skövde

Nalle found his heaven

A chinese restaurant in Skövde with a seafood buffé. I can't get him away from here. I think that I have to continue the trip to Skåne on my own. Just kidding!


He caught a fish

The view

This is my everyday view when i bike to work. Isn't it beautiful? I'm almost sad that my vacation starts next week because I won't be biking then... NOOOOT! =) I will drive a car in Sweden instead and it's beautiful there too!