Match your car

It's fun to dress up in colors that match our car.

A nice birthday

I just wanted to tell that I had a wonderful birthday. Nalle woke me up with sparkling wine and breakfast. I got two really nice presents from him.

At work they suprised me with singing, some flowers and coffee and buns.

The flowers were nice to watch at during the workday.

In the evening I met a few close friends and we went to Bar Teos in Töölö to eat some tapas and drink some wine. It was really cozy and the food was good. I also tasted some slimy snails.

On friday I met some more friends over a drink. We also celebrated Emmys birthday. Little Viggo was on a happy mood.

On saturday we were at Nalles parents to celebrate Nalles fathers and my birthdays and eat som crayfish.

We both got some presents.

And the crayfishes were really good.

Next friday I will meet up with Catzo to drink some birthdaydrinks. But after that my birthday will really be over. It feels nice to be 28 years old.



Hey look! We can fit several bags in th trunk! Wonderful! In our old car, Firestarter, there was no room for bags because of the bassbooster.

So today we'll pick up Maggan and then we drive to Turku from where we travel to Åland by boat. Tomorrow we'll attend Tinas and Kjells wedding. It will be fun!


Bachelorette Party

What a day! I had so much fun! Thank you all wonderful girls! I hope I will get some pictures from you guys later on because these are the only ones I have. I really liked my outfit. Felt like a princess!